This site is being designed as an astrological calculator. It will draw charts in a few house systems and it will allow you customise your favorite charts. It will allow you to set up some custom aspects, it will allow you to enable or disable certain planets, it will allow you to use your favorite colors and line styles for your charts. It will allow to store your charts and access to them anytime and everywhere and it will provide even more functionality. It will allow you to open and view as many charts as you want and some other interesting features.


My name is Igor. This project is my favorite toy. I'm not the best astrologer on the planet, but I'm good enough in software development (If you think to give me a job offer - go ahead, the email is in the footer). If you think the project needs some extension or some extra function - feel free to contact! I'll be glad to implement any interesting idea you share!


I like astrology. But I could not find an online astrological chart builder which would be good and flexible enough from my point of view. So I decided to make my own project. This is my first project in the Internet so please be patient, and keep in mind that nobody's perfect in this world!


The project was started in 2019, but I had the ideas from 1993. I'll try to keep the site online as long as I have means and interest to it. I'll appreciate any help.


It is here and for you!